Chevrolet renews the contract signed with SETRAM for the Spanish and French markets

setram grupo setram logistica automocion distribución Chevrolet Francia y España

Monday November 26th 2012 – The SETRAM Group, logistic operator specialized in Automobile Logistics, has renewed its contract for port handling, technical preparation and distribution of vehicles to dealers in Spain and France. This signature widens a commercial relation which started in 2010.

Chevrolet vehicles leave from Korea and arrive by ship to the SETRAM Terminal in the Port of Barcelona which works as the European Hub for this brand. Particularly, SETRAM manages 50.000 Chevrolet vehicles every year.

SETRAM’s work includes the reception and handling of vehicles in its terminal in the Port of Barcelona; the disposal of value added services (as PDI and the assembly of accesories), as well as batch determination, customs management and direct delivery to Chevrolet dealers in Spain and France.

The volume of Chevrolet vehicles bound for Spain and France managed by SETRAM in this year turns Chevrolet into the mean user of this kind of services developed for imported vehicles that arrive in the Port of Barcelona.

For all these reasons, SETRAM installations in the Port of Barcelona (with more of 250.000 square metres, 150.000 of them covered and with space for 13.000 vehicles) have been consolidated as a perfect multi-modal platform for the import and export traffics.

SETRAM considers the renewal of the contract with Chevrolet to be positive. In particular, the company appreciates that Chevrolet has chosen the Port of Barcelona for the distribution of its cars in France. It must be taken into consideration that the automobile company used to operate in a Belgian port, which is a further evidence that the globalization makes of Europe a part of the national market for every logistic service and turns Barcelona into one of the more active ports of the Mediterranean arch.

The deciding factor for the renewal of this contract has been Chevrolet satisfaction with the services asked to be provided by SETRAM and, specially, the fact that SETRAM logistic terminal in the Port of Barcelona, as well as SETRAM transport services, have still been considered by ANFAC as one of the best services in Spain.

With this contract, SETRAM confirms that using just one operator for the whole logistic chain, from the port reception to the technical preparation, the traceability control, the management of the custom space and the distribution transport, is the best integral solution that can be offered to an automobile company in economic and quality terms.


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